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Pros And Cons Of Fish Farming - 1165 Words

Numerous Freshwater Fish Farms around the world are helping feed a growing worldwide population. However, Aquaculture is also a huge industry in today s growing economy, most of the species framers raise are Catfish, Trout, Tilapia, and even Salmon and other cold and warm water fish. Aquaculture has been around for thousands of years the first Fish Farms were accidental it didn t become a concern until farmers started to breed concentrated amount of fish in small areas. Nevertheless, Aquaculture is not being researched adequately to better understand the impacts. As a result Fish Farming should be outlawed in all fifty states by the EPA. Many of the fish that are raised are for consumer consumption only. Presumably, the fish being†¦show more content†¦Presumably, the problem is coming from the pellets the fish are consuming, they’re eating above their Trophic level. All things considered, the EPA should regulate the food the farmers are giving the fish. Meanwhile, the EPA should regulate the food that the fish are consuming or close all farms until they solve the problem. Furthermore, the toxins in fish are not the only issue the toxins around the farm have a negative impact. Countless number of Aquaculture is located next to large bodies of water and rivers. It s contaminating the bodies of water around the Aquaculture. There s only a hand full of regulations of spilling contaminating waters but, many of these regulations don t consider the water contained in Farms. However, there’s also Farms that raise fish for the purposes of stocking lakes and ponds. The Game and Fish Department have been using Fish Farms for years. The purpose of the Farms is to restock area ponds and lakes. The Conservationist argues that stocking the lakes with small fish fry will put less pressure on native fish Species from being overfished. However, a large amount of fish fry escapes into the wild cause the fish to cross breed making them a concern to other s pecies. There are programs around the United States that use the farms to replenish the native fish and provide fish in the small pond to fish for. The scientist has argued that most of the problem come from low fundingShow MoreRelatedFish Farming: Meeting the World ´s Demand of Fish Supply736 Words   |  3 PagesThe world is currently increasing at an alarming rate, where the population will reach nine billion by 2050, creating further demand for food (Raising More Fish to Meet Rising Demand, 2014). Fish farming, or aquaculture, is said to be the solution to meeting the growing global demand for fish as this sector is rapidly expanding comprehensively for the last thirty years (Australian Marine Conservation Society). Aquaculture is performing to become a successful method to satisfy the universal demandRead MoreCreating a Sustainable Society Essay examples889 Words   |  4 Pagesdestroying the environment for future generations. â€Å"A sustainable society is one that has l earned to live within the boundaries established by ecological limits† (Sustainability refers, 2007). Sustainability has also influenced the triple bottom line of fish farming by providing economic, social, and environmental benefits. For instance, economic profits allow businesses to keep up a competitive market when selling seafood. Secondly, everyone who is involved socially ends up benefiting from the resources inRead MoreOcean Problem : My Solution1732 Words   |  7 Pagesin the natural ocean ecosystem. However, there are problems with aquaculture, one major problem being disease and parasites that are being transferred within fish farms as well as into the wild fish population. My solution to reduce the spreading of disease and parasites caused by aquaculture is to regulate the facilities used to farm fish by requiring closed aquaculture systems. This solution would have a great impact as semi-closed and recirculating aquaculture systems reduce the amount of diseaseRead MoreGenetically Modified Food And Drug Administration1101 Words   |  5 Pageswhich food finds its way to our local grocer could soon change. For the first time, the Unites States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering the approval and release of genetically-modified (GM) salmon into the American marketplace (Big Fish). Salmon, of course, is just the brink of the biological possibilities. The possibility of the introduction of any GM foods is monumental. Man’s ability to increase the food supply guarantees major benefits; nevertheless, modifying the earth’s naturalRead MoreThe Effects Of Water Pollution On African People1744 Words   |  7 Pagesback to life. The research about the wetlands continues, as Gbogbo finds evidences of â€Å"Activities on these unmanaged wetlands were reported to be indiscriminate and includes fishing, hunting of waterbirds, sewage disposal, cutting of mangroves, farming, etc. (Attuquayefio Gbogbo, 2001)† (2007, para. 4). The outcome of these activities decrease the population, provides disease, and again cause death to animals like the waterbirds. Dr. Joseph Addo Ampofo holds experience with the Water ResearchRead More The Birth of Fish; The Death of Oceans Essay3519 Words   |  15 PagesThe Birth of Fish; The Death of Oceans Overview: Life and death are themselves opposites; then again in our oceans, life sometimes causes death. Over the past few decades, the demand for edible seafood has sky rocketed, resulting in the formation of aquacultures and overfishing. As of now, the two greatest threats to our marine resources result from overfishing and water pollution. Commercial fishing targets key fish species, resulting in an imbalance of the marine ecosystem. In responseRead MoreSushi Express Report Essay4656 Words   |  19 PagesLocation (II)----------------------------------------------- 18 5.1 City 18 6 International Business Strategy--------------------------------- 20 6.1 6.2 6.3 7 Mode of Entry------------------------------------------------------------ 7.1 Pros Cons of different Entry Modes 7.2 W.O.S of Sushi Express in the past 7.3 Choice of Entry Modes 7.4 Entering as W.O.S in UK 8 Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------------- International Buiness Report Sushi Express çˆ ­Ã© ® ®Read MoreThe Ethical Implications Of Vegetarianism1614 Words   |  7 Pageschicken s beak so that they cannot kill eachother. (â€Å"Modern Animal Farming†, This is why why this side of the argument think it is controversial, because many animals in factory farms are kept confined for their life until they slow in production and are seen as useless, and then killed. Many people think that this is unethical and that vegetarianism will stop it. On the other side of the argument is that farming also kills many animals, and that there are several laws that areRead MoreEating green argumentative essay682 Words   |  3 Pagesfor you its the portions we eat. Meat has nutritional value and even the fat in meat are sometimes healthy. The stearic acid found in fat in meat can actually lower blood cholesterol levels. With the pros theres the cons as well, Americans are now eating nearly 200 pounds of meat, poultry and fish every year; an increase of 50 pounds per person in the last 50 years ( Lumdberg) some very high numbers for what the appropriate amount should actually be. Farmers do not want to be looked at as theRead MoreEngineering Ethics601 Words   |  3 Pagesin destruction of the environment in which it occurs. In many regards the stakeholders are not aware of the environmental impacts caused by their projects, this is seen in the example of a river dam being built preventing the natural migration of fish living in the river. Implementing engineering practice in some areas may destroy or change the natural balance and way of natural working, resulting in devastation of the environment as a regrettable consequence. Engineers must strive to find practicable

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